Gill rake pulverizer

Order by:. Available to:. American pulverizer Hammermill. Inlet is 18x21 but i have a smaller hopper on it for Hard Drvie destruction that has chains to prevent back flow The smaller hopper is included. I also have this machine raised up in order to put Gaylord, or speed packs under it for easy clean up. I will help load on to a low boy or trailer and will help to find shipping if need be.

This is a V 3 phase machine. It comes with a control panel, the control panel is set up correctly but does not have a reverse to it. All products in the control panel are UL listed The hammers are in good shape. And you can sharpend and reverse them Please ask any questions. Machine is heavy! The Prater Pulverizer Company. Founded in near Chicago, made equipment to process feed grains for livestock and perhaps human consumption. The company still exists today as Prater-Sterling serving a broad list of industries.

This is a Size 5. Model GS, Serial Number ] Prater Pulverizer, which is probably motor driven and hopper fed with discharge beneath the pulverizer housing.

It is mounted on a steel[angle iron] frame which may or may not be part of the original manufacture. There is a visible mount location on the frame deck which appears intended for an electric motor. The information is derived from a brass data and information plate on the end of the housing. There are two screens with it separate outside the housing and a"string" of mill hammers with it.

I have no knowledge of its history or use. I assume that it And it has been where it now sits since its arrival. I just believe that it never was used; that would be consistent with the prior owners of this farm. I do not know its age or date of original manufacture, but it seems reasonable that it could have been pre-WWII.

If not then, during or shortly after. Shipping would have to be by freight carrier or pick up at my location. For freight carrier costs for packaging or palleting and shipment to the buyer's destination will have to be determined and added to the buyers cost.

gill rake pulverizer

My apologies for the clutter where this sits in the barn area. I can't move it around much. Only out when the time is right. Pulvocron Size PC76 S.

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There are pictures of it also.Most manufacturers of soil pulverizers offer each size of pulverizer with two options of teeth, railroad style teeth, or big teeth for an additional fee, well not here at Everything Attachments.

Our pulverizers come standard with the big tooth design, with teeth made from AR steel, 12" H-beam construction, and stud gun spikes for breaking clods, truly a high quality implement. The only upgrade that is available on our pulverizer is an additional roller that would be greatly beneficial in hard ground conditions. Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments, and we're happy to have today a new pulverizer designed and ready for you.

We've taken all of the experience that we've had through the Woods Gill [sp] Corporation selling those tools for over 40 years.

We've taken what we liked out of the pulverizers we've sold and kept that and just tried to make a few improvements and give you more for your money without the distributors and the dealers and all.

We're able to build you a better, heavier product, put better stuff in it, bigger stuff, and make it last longer and give you a better value delivered to your home. It has the crevice hitch on it. Now pulverizers typically came in different two style of teeth down here.

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They used to use what looked like kind of like a railroad spike. That was the first Gill tool that was built in Charlotte, and I used to pick them up when I was a kid when it was Gill, and that's one way of doing it.

Now on ours, give me just a little turn here, Peanut, a little angle where they can see it a little better, right there. On ours right here what the Woods Company is doing now because it's easier to build but it's not what I like. They put two holes from the I-beam. They use a U-bolt through the hole in the tube.

The only problem with that is the have a small girdle at the bottom with a slot where the tooth kind of fits. As you really hit things hard, nice big rocks and things like that, two things happen.

You've got a fairly expensive U-bolt there that's got fine threads on it and every time you hit something it stretches a little bit. So when you need to flip these teeth or change them, a lot of the time, maybe not all the time, but a lot of the time you're going to have to replace the U-bolt because those fine threads have stretched and the nut simply galled [sp] up on them when you tried to take one of them off.

Even if this bolt were bent in the middle, it a 50 cents bolt instead of a four or five dollar U-bolt. So it's going to be cheaper to switch them upside down because they are reversible or replace them. Now what we've got here are two plates that are welded all the way from the top to bottom so they fully secure that tooth all the way so it can't go left or right.

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It can't go in or out because it's using the back of the beam as all the support. By far in my opinion this is just a better There's more metal.

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There's more weight here. Everything about it is little harder to do, but for your at the end since I don't have dealers and all in the middle of your price we're able to give you more for the money. So we've chosen to stay with the Big Tooth design, welded in place, where you don't have to have all those U-bolts and all. We just make a simpler, better design. With a little more effort it works.Note: Some feature photos may be represented by a similar model and not the specific model shown on this page.

Our Quick-Hitch System allows you to quickly connect and disconnect from the implement - most without leaving the tractor seat.

This is a real time saver when working on multiple projects. Damaged spikes can be cut off and replaced. Heat-treated replaceable sleeves on roller protect spike. Easily replace the sleeve when worn vs. Scarifier teeth are heat-treated for long life and can be reversed when one side wears down.

Download features and benefits of this product here: f. The 60" or 72" working widths of the Land Pride SP20 Soil Pulverizers make them well suited for use by landscapers, rental yards, construction contractors, and professional turf managers.

Applications include golf courses, housing developments, athletic fields, nurseries, sod farms, transportation right-of-ways, and park systems. Quick-Hitch Compatible Our Quick-Hitch System allows you to quickly connect and disconnect from the implement - most without leaving the tractor seat. H Beam Heavy-duty H-beam construction. Replaceable Heat-Treated Sleeves Heat-treated replaceable sleeves on roller protect spike. Scarifier Teeth Scarifier teeth are heat-treated for long life and can be reversed when one side wears down.

Download Features and Benefits Download features and benefits of this product here: f.

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Parts Parts Manual English p. I have bent some of my spikes, can I replace them? Answer Yes you can grind off the old and weld a new spike on. SP20 Coop Ad.

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gill rake pulverizer

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Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Anyone use a "pulverizer"? I mostly want to clean up up around jobsites that have somewhat hardpacked bumpy, rocky soil like overdig from a basement, footings, etc. I can use loader bucket to level out the piles, but they need to be finished off better than that.

I've used a landscape rake for the last 20 years and I was planning on buying a new 7 or 8' rake until I saw what's called a "pulverizer". Anyone use one of these? Last edited by Builder; at AM. Reply With Quote. Re: landscape rake or pulverizer? Good Luck! Originally Posted by deereguy. As I briefly mentioned in another post, I bought a cheap Leinbach pulverizer several years ago for a job.

I was planning on buying the Gill brand, but there was an absolutely huge difference in price. As long as you don't have loose grass laying on top of the soil, a pulverizer works wonders. In doing soccer fields I have one in my backyard that two teams practice on I've found the pulverizer to be the perfect tool to use right before seeding and then using my cultipacker right after seeding.Shaver Post Drivers.

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Frontier 60" Soil Pulverizer SP Social Share:. Frontier 60" Soil Pulverizer. Shipping Estimator. Enter Zipcode :. Similar Categories. They are invaluable implements for sod growers, landowners, landscapers, and contractors who need to prepare rough soil for seeding or sodding.Dismiss Notice Land plane or Box Blade for grading? Log in or Sign up. Sign up now!

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The U. Chamber of Commerce offered guidance on the loan.

Using a gill type pulverizer

Click here to learn more. Land plane or Box Blade for grading?

gill rake pulverizer

Messages: When I am doing a new lawn, complete install, etc, I am looking for a quicker and easier to control way to grade it out. I currently use the bucket on one of my tractors, or my skid steer, and a 3pt hitch landscape rake with the wheel attachments to grade out the lawn areas. I really see advantages to both, but with the need for only one, I cannot decide. The box blade would be cheaper, could carry more material, would most likely be better at ripping up hard packed dirt for grading.

Also, I could use that adapter and put the box blade on the skid steer if I found it nessicary at some point. The land plane would be skid steer mounted, so the maneuverability of using a skid instead of tractor would be gained. Also, the plane is longer which makes me think that it would be less prone to following dips and contours of the ground. Down force could be used, where the 3pt hitch just floats the box over the ground. I guess I'm just looking for input from guys that have used either one, or both.

You could also get a landplane for the tractor, just not one where the blades are angled. Those are to build a crown on gravel roads. If you have some time on your hands they aren't hard to build.

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Just put the 2 cutting edges 32" apart and have at least 12" sides. Since your doing lawn prep i would put a floating roller or clod buster on the back. Some people like to have a floating tailgate similar to what some box blades have. Here is a pic i pulled of the internet.

The one that a friend built had scarifiers in the main cross beam and a reel off an old finisher or disk.


I don't have any experience with the roller levels. After looking around for a straight land plane i know why most people build theirs. Get a land plane. We finally got the owner to buy one two years ago after we got shafted by another sod company and it never left our work truck.

It digs with ease. Just warning you its not like leveling with the bucket. You'll need abit of pratice with using front and rear portain as the cutting and leveling edge. A skidloader one by the way.

Correct use of a land plain is extremly quiker then tractor speeds in a tight area.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password?

Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 3 of 3. Greetings to all, I am a "newbie" tractor owner. My neighbor swears by gill rakes over box scrapers for an application like mine.

Does anyone out there have any experience with using both? If so, which one do you prefer? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

gill rake pulverizer

Reply With Quote. Re: box scraper or gill rake? By gill rake, I assume you mean landscape rake or york rake. If so, you may want to think about a Landscape Rake with flip-down blade.

Most of the LandPride rakes have this option available. I believe they are typically used by contractors to prepare for seeding or new sod. It seems like it is better compared to a tiller than a box blade. I would think a box blade would definitely be more versatile. With a Soil Pulverizer, you cannot lift the shanks; that is, they are always engaging the ground.

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